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Super Fast Solidifier

Updated: May 8, 2023

Looking to solidify liquid waste for disposal? Check out our Super Fast Solidifier!

EcoSolutions' newly formulated Super Fast Solidifier polymers enable hazardous waste producers, waste treatment facilities and landfill sites to solidify both water-based and oil-based liquid waste. By replacing bulk materials that simply absorb hazardous liquid waste with a relatively small amount of SFS, you can help companies safely dispose of waste more cost efficiently. When introduced into liquid waste, the SFS polymers solidify the liquid and suspend any pollutants so they are no longer permeable. Super Fast Solidifier enables companies dealing with hazardous waste to improve results, reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance. Available in a 16oz bottle, 25 lbs. pail, 50 lbs bag, and 2205 lbs. super sack

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