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Why You Need A Spill Kit

What is a spill kit? A spill kit is a collection of key spill response products bundled together into one kit, so you have everything you need whenever a spill occurs. Typically, a spill kit consists of sorbent materials such as booms or pads to contain and clean up the spill, bags or containers to dispose of or contain waste, and PPE such as gloves and goggles to keep users safe during cleanup. Spill kits allow you to quickly and efficiently clean up and contain a spill or hazardous material in the safest way possible.

Spill kits are an essential part of any workplace that uses chemicals or any liquids, to protect employees as well as the surrounding environment, and to be compliant with numerous federal, state, and local regulations. There are a wide variety of regulations for oil and hazardous material spill prevention, containment, cleanup, and disposal. It’s important to have the proper controls in place to manage spills and most companies handling chemicals would have a Spill Protection, Containment, and Countermeasure plan in place (SPCC). The poor management of a spill could result in numerous negative health and environmental consequences, as well as large financial losses. If a spill occurs, you will need to know how properly clean it up. Most often a spill will have to be dealt with quickly and with spill kits in place as part of your SPCC, so that any user can be prepared ahead of time. If planned properly, users can be sure that what they are doing is following government regulations. Most importantly you can respond to any spill at a moment’s notice!

Spill kits are available for many types and sizes of spills and hazardous waste removal. EcoSolutions works with many of the top names in the industry to provide multiple sizes of the following spill kits:

  • Activated Peat Spill Kits

  • Asbestos Removal Kits

  • Hazmat Spill Kits

  • Oil-Only Spill Kits

  • Universal Spill Kits

Activated Peat

Activated peat is a highly effective natural adsorbent solution for managing hydrocarbon spills. It will absorb and retain oils, hydrocarbons, and a whole list of other contaminants from water and soil, absorbing up to 10x more by weight than clay sorbents. EcoSolutions’ activated peat spill kits consist of a storage bag or drum, activated peat and Quick Seal granular absorbents, and a variety of other activated peat spill containment tools and PPE.

Asbestos Removal

EcoSolutions' asbestos removal kits consist of a variety of asbestos containment and labelling products such as bags, tape and signage, for the safe removal and disposal of asbestos.

Hazmat Sorbents

Hazmat sorbents adsorb most acids, bases and other corrosive or hazardous liquids. They are typically yellow to signal the presence of a hazard, and the material will not roll or degrade upon contact with harsh or aggressive liquids. EcoSolutions’ hazmat spill kits consist of a storage drum, PPE including Tyvek suits to keep users safe during cleanup, Quick Seal granular absorbents, and a variety of hazmat adsorbent tools such as pads, pillows and socks.

Oil-Only Sorbents

Oil-only sorbents are made of polypropylene materials that attract hydrocarbons, so they adsorb oil-based liquids while repelling water. EcoSolutions’ oil-only spill kits consist of a storage bag or drum, PPE to keep users safe during cleanup, Quick Seal granular absorbents, and a variety of white oil-only adsorbent tools such as pads, pillows and socks.

Universal Sorbents

Universal sorbents are your go-to for any spill. Universal absorbents will absorb any liquid, but they have a water first preference. EcoSolutions’ universal spill kits consist of a drum, Quick Seal granular absorbents, PPE to keep users safe during cleanup, and a variety of gray universal adsorbent tools such as pads, socks and pillows.

Still not sure which spill kit is best for your spill containment and cleanup needs? Reach out to the EcoSolutions team today, we'd love to help you out!

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