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Granular Sorbents

Granular sorbents are loose sorbents used for spill prevention and cleanup. They absorb a variety of different liquids, and can be used for most any shape or size of spill, or for packing of liquids during transport. Granular sorbents are quick and easy to use, and can be easily swept up and disposed of once the liquid has been absorbed.

EcoSolutions carries a wide range of granular sorbents in multiple sizes to suit your specific needs. From vermiculite for packing of liquids including flammable and hazardous materials, to ecofriendly recycled wood and clay sorbents, to oil-only activated peat sorbents, to skid-resistant sorbents for high traffic areas, to sorbents that solidify liquid waste, and even Quick Seal products that seal off cracks and holes within seconds – there’s a spill control solution for every need!


Reach out to the EcoSolutions team today to find out which type of granular sorbent is best for your spill cleanup needs!

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