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Hazmat Sorbents

Spill Kits

Hazmat spill kits are a collection of key spill response products, designed to be your go-to for any hazardous spills.


EcoSolutions’ hazmat spill kits consist of a storage drum, PPE including Tyvek suits to keep users safe during cleanup, Quick Seal granular absorbents, and a variety of yellow hazmat adsorbent tools such as pads, pillows and socks. The hazmat adsorbent tools are made of polypropylene and other adsorbent materials, and are typically yellow to signal the presence of a hazard. They adsorb most acids, bases and other corrosive or hazardous liquids. We work with many of the top names in the industry to provide high-quality products that are safe for users and the environment.

With spill kits, you can be prepared ahead of time and ensure compliance with all local regulations, so you can respond to any spill at a moment’s notice!


Reach out to the EcoSolutions team today to learn which spill kit is best for your hazardous spill cleanup needs!

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