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Pads & Pillows

Absorbent pads are flat sheets or mats made of melt blown polypropylene or other absorbent materials. They come in bulk individual pads or in rolls, in a variety of sizes and widths, and are used to absorb or wipe up small leaks and spills.


Absorbent pillows are similar to pads, but are filled with polypropylene fibers, activated peat, or other absorbent materials. They are used to absorb larger spills or leaks, and can fit into tight spaces or be placed on top of a spill that has already been contained where they can quickly absorb the corralled liquid.


EcoSolutions has hazmat, oil-only and universal absorbent pads, pillows and rail track mats available in a variety of sizes, to suit any type or size of spill.


Reach out to the EcoSolutions team today to find out which type of pad, mat or pillow is best for your spill cleanup needs!

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