• Kelton Diener

Are you getting the best result from your Granular Absorbents?

Four Main Granular Sorbent Materials and Some Quick Comparison Information


A natural mineral granular with average absorption of 3-5 gallons per 40lb bag for all liquids with a water first preference. The trade name known often known as Oil Dry, contains silica and is heaviest granular.

Diatomaceous Earth

A natural mineral based granular with better than clay absorption, 4-5 gallons per 25lb bag.

All-purpose absorbent will absorb most liquids and the trade name is often known as

Floor Dry.

Pelletized Cellulose

Ezee Dri from EcoSolutions is a pelletized cellulose made from recycled paper waste. It is Nonabrasive, skid resistant, low dust, silica and asbestos free product. Use on oils, coolants, solvents, water and industrial chemicals. Absorbs 5-7 gallons per 25lb bag

Activated Peat

Most Environmentally friendly, Lightest weight, most oil absorption per weight, 8-10 gallons per 17lb bag, doesn’t absorb water and the trade name is known as Sphag Sorb.

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