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Granular Sorbents: How do they Compare?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Granular sorbents are loose sorbents used for spill prevention and cleanup. They absorb a variety of different liquids, and can be used for most any shape or size of spill, or for packing of liquids during transport. Granular sorbents are quick and easy to use, and can be easily swept up and disposed of once the liquid has been absorbed.

EcoSolutions carries 7 different types of granular sorbents: clay, diatomaceous earth, pelletized cellulose, activated peat, vermiculate, polymer and leak stop.



Clay sorbents are all-purpose adsorbents made from naturally occurring minerals, designed for the quick cleanup of any liquid. EcoSolutions carries the Safe T Sorb clay sorbent which is made from Montmorillonite clay. It contains silica and is our heaviest granular, with an average adsorption of 3-5 gallons per 40 lb bag,

and has a water-first preference over hydrocarbons.


Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth adsorbents are made from naturally occurring fossilized mineral deposits, designed for general-purpose cleanup for most liquids. EcoSolutions carries Floor-Dry diatomaceous earth, which has higher adsorption than clay, around 4-5 gallons per 25 lb bag,

and has a water-first preference over hydrocarbons. Floor-Dry is used in high traffic areas where continuous adsorption is needed, and offers better traction in areas where spills have been adsorbed.


Pelletized Cellulose

Pelletized cellulose absorbents are a blend of cellulose fibers in pellet form, designed for general-purpose cleanup of water, solvents, coolants, oils, industrial chemicals and other liquids. EcoSolutions carries the Ezee-Dri pelletized cellulose, which utilizes a low dust formula made from 100% recycled paper waste. It is non-abrasive and skid-resistant, and contains no silica or asbestos. Ezee-Dri absorbs 5-7 gallons per 25 lb bag, and has a water-first preference over hydrocarbons.


Activated Peat

Activated peat is peat that is carbonized to turn the organic compounds into activated carbon, which increases its absorption qualities. EcoSolutions carries the Sphag Sorb line of activated peat products, which are the most environmentally-friendly and the lightest weight of our granular sorbents. These oil-only products have a hydrocarbon-first preference over water, and absorb 8-14 gallons of oil per 17 lb bag.



Vermiculite is naturally-occurring adsorbent mineral that is commonly used as a loose fill material for packaging. EcoSolutions carries Palmetto vermiculite, which is environmentally-friendly and lightweight, and is ideal for shipping liquid-filled containers to prevent leaks or spills, or for shipping other sorbents, as they meet DOT secondary containment regulations.



Polymer granular sorbents are polymer fibers that turn liquids into a gel-like substance for easier cleanup. EcoSolutions carries Super Fast Solidifier, which utilizes a fast-acting polymer to solidify liquids quickly. Just one 32 oz container can solidify 55 gallons of liquid, making it acceptable to most landfills passing TCLP.


Leak Stop

Leak stop is a loose absorbent used as a temporary patch to quickly stop leaks. EcoSolutions carries Quick Seal, which is pressed onto the surface where the leak is, becoming a putty when mixed with liquid and effectively stopping the leak. It works with all liquids, and is also available in a pre-mixed putty for cold weather use.


Curious which type of granular sorbent is best for your spill cleanup needs? Reach out to the EcoSolutions team today to find out!

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