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Activated Peat vs Clay

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Activated peat is a lightweight, biodegradable, natural adsorbent derived from peat moss, that is a highly effective solution for managing hydrocarbon spills.

Clay is a highly absorptive naturally occurring mineral, that has been the go-to for years for absorbing a wide variety of industrial spills.

Check out the video and comparison chart below to see why activated peat is a more effective and environmentally friendly solution than clay!

​Activated Peat


​Natural adsorbent derived from peat moss

Natural absorbent derived from Montmorillonite clay

​Easy to use – simply spread over spill

​Easy to use – simply spread over spill

​Ideal for oil spills, especially on water – not a good option for general spills

​Best for general spills on land that don’t involve oil

​Adsorbs & fully encapsulates hydrocarbons while repelling water

​Absorbs many liquids including hazardous liquids and water, but doesn’t really absorb hydrocarbons

​Highly adsorbent – adsorbs up to 10x more liquid (by weight) than clay

​Not near as absorbent


Leaches hydrocarbons & other liquids

​Non-hazardous & silica-free

Hazardous, and clay dust contains crystalline silica which is a known lung carcinogen

High vapor suppression – locks in vapor up to 90%

Low vapor suppression qualities


Not biodegradable

Soft granules

Larger & more abrasive granules – can scratch coated floors or machinery

​Easy to clean up & generates minimal waste

Messy & generates large amounts of waste

​Flammable, although helps to reduce waste as it is incinerable

Non-flammable so helps to prevent flash fires, although it creates more waste as it is not incinerable


​May react to some chemicals

​Lightweight product - easy to move & reduces shipping costs

Heavier product - more weight to lug around & more expensive to ship

Time-saving – adsorbs liquids quickly & is quick to clean up

Time-wasting – takes longer to absorb liquids & clean up the mess


Expensive – uses more product to be effective & waste disposal fees are high

​Available in loose form, or as pillows, socks or booms

Available in loose form, or as pillows, socks or booms

Ready to switch from clay to activated peat sorbents, or have further questions about activated peat? Reach out to us, we'd love to hear from you!

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