Drive-over barrier provide heavy-duty custom containment

Berm Dimensions: 144" x 5.5" x 2"


There are many ways to create a custom spill containment area. Each has its own advantages. But whether it’s concrete, steel or one our own spill berms, there’s a limitation. You can’t drive over the walls. Until now.


The Berm Builder Plus Model has the versatility of the standard model but the additional ruggedness and mounting option for a more permanent installation that can be driven over.

Product Highlights

  • Create permanent containment on concrete, asphalt and most sealed areas.
  • Heavy-duty, 40-ounce, vinyl-coated fabric can withstand traffic from trucks, forklifts and other vehicles.
  • Open-cell foam core compresses to approximately 1/4" when driven over and springs back to shape when vehicles pass.
  • Secures to the floor with sealant (not included) and is reinforced with pre drilled aluminum mounting strips (included) and steel anchors (included)

Berm Builder Plus Model

SKU: ES11314